WikiCamp India 2007 – Calling all Wikipedia fans


The folks behind Blogcamp, Barcamp and are ganged together to bring you India’s first un-conference on Wikis, Wikicamp 2007. All of us love Wikipedia, for the wealth of information it provides, from the movies to the mundane. Would you like to catch Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia in the flesh? Then come to Wikicamp that is going to organised at Tidel Park, Chennai on the 25th of January 2007.  Go to the wikicamp page  for more details.

wikicamp picture

7 Responses to “WikiCamp India 2007 – Calling all Wikipedia fans”

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  4. wikipedia is my favorite site 🙂

  5. very interesting post

  6. I’ve visited site several times but never signed in. I hope I’ll find lots of ideas.

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  7. i love WIKIpedia 😀

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