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Apple and Cisco may decide to bury the hatchet over alleged copyright violations ending what could have been a very expensive and hard fought legal battle. Cisco filed a suit against the Ipod maker alleging that Apple copied “Iphone,” the name of Cisco’s trademark product line for their new phone that was launched at CES […]

Mac lovers rejoice. Apple, makers of the iconic Ipod and the Mac operting systems have launched is going to lauch the new OS Leopard (OS X 10.5), iLife 2007 and iWork 2007 along with updated Mac Pros. Apple Recon, a blog dedicated to news on Apple, reported to read more on the news  based on information […]

The drug war in Mexico has taken a new twist with gangs reportedly using the internet to taunt rival cartels. Police in the country are monitoring popular video sharing site Youtube for clips that are posted by gang members. Most of these clips are very gruesome in nature. The authenticity of these clips has not […]

The folks behind Blogcamp, Barcamp and are ganged together to bring you India’s first un-conference on Wikis, Wikicamp 2007. All of us love Wikipedia, for the wealth of information it provides, from the movies to the mundane. Would you like to catch Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia in the flesh? Then come to […]

We are back


You may have noticed that we have not posted anything on Bothack for a while. Some of us have full time jobs, some are busy with their student lives. That could explain the lull in proceedings. We did not cover some of the major events that took place last month including Apple’s launch of the […]