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Eros Entertainment, a London based company that distributes Hindi film entertainment on home video and is also into movie production has tied up with chip major Intel to provide Hindi films on computers that use Intel processors. According to the agreement, Eros will lauch a subscription service that will aloow people to download high definition […]

The IEEE students chapter of Delhi College of Engineering is organising its robotics competition Radix on the 19th of February 2007 as part of its annual techfest Troika. There are 3 challenges – a land event, a water event and a bots race. Problems have been released on the their website: Other than Radix […] created by Chris and Clint, has got a webtop application that allows you to create, edit and share your diagrams online, just working inside your browser, without the need of downloading a software to your desktop. Flowcharts, UI wireframes, floor plans, network diagrams, UML diagrams etc. By adding collaborators to your work one can […]

Hobbes: Everything familiar has disappeared. The world looks brand-new! Calvin: A new year…a fresh clean start! Hobbes: It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on! Calvin: A day full of possibilities! It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…let’s go exploring! BotHack team wishes you all a happy new year. We are […]