Celebrate this Christmas with Prezzle


Wishing all BotHack readers a Merry Christmas. Prezzle is the unique and entertaining way to send personalized VIRTUAL gifts and messages. Prezzle is online gift giving with a WOW.

prezzleA Prezzle is the perfect last minute holiday gift. Every Prezzle is valuable because they contain gift certificates and special messages from the sender. A Prezzle can be sent 24/7. In less than 3 minutes you can customize the gift, wrap it to suit the receiver’s personality, and send it anywhere in the world to arrive exactly when you want. The Prezzle arrives by email making it both paperless and environmentally friendly. The receiver’s experience is extremely unique whether they are receiving hints, shaking the virtual gift, or opening the Prezzle, it is all lighthearted fun.

Whether you send a lump of coal or the very popular Flaming Bag-of-Poo, it’s the coolest way to send an online gift. There is something for everyone and the selections of new wrappings and gift certificates continue to grow.

To celebrate Prezzle’s first Christmas we are giving away 100,000 Prezzles. Everyone is invited to Prezzle.com to send a FREE holiday Prezzle to friends and family regardless if they’re on opposite ends of the city or opposite ends of the globe.

I sent a couple a Prezzles to my friends on their birthdays and they were really excited about the whole new concept of gifting. I perticularly like the animations especially the “open early” one. At present the notification process is a bit slow, but the team promises to make it quicker. Prezzle, sure is my choice for last minute great gift ideas 😀

Prezzle = Present + Puzzle

4 Responses to “Celebrate this Christmas with Prezzle”

  1. We’re totally pumped that you put us on your site! Woo hoo! Let’s chat more about helping each other out in the new year. Did you know we’ve added 8 new Prezzles to the site in the past week, and we’ll be adding 20 more before Valentines??
    Once again, thank you so much for your support. Your email was great news!

    Your friend at Prezzle,

  2. PS. Did you know that Prezzle was built with Ruby? Yep, our resident ninja, Zach, has been quite taken with it. If you know of any Ruby dev. guys that would like to try their skills in the realm of Prezzle let us know!

    Thanks again,

  3. Great Site, Man!
    Your Blog Rocks!
    Subscribed to your feed on first visit!
    Have a look at my blog too: http://shankarthetechie.blogspot.com

  4. ooo… i love christmas

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