The ILounge – manna for Ipod fans


The Ipod is the world’s most recognizable mp3 player. So much that five yers after Apple released the iconic mp3 player, it’s still going strong.

There’s now an 80 Gb version of the player. View the specifications here.  With all the hype and hoople surrounding the player, what customers would think of next would be to accessorize the player.  Add different types of covers, buy an extra set of headphones and so on. The Ipod Lounge, a site dedicated to the Ipod has an impressive list of accessories displayed on the site, including FM recievers, Ipod docks, the list goes on.

The pick however is their 2007 Ipod Buyers Guide. The pricing of all the accessories is in US $. So  if you are in Ipod fan, checkout this site for reviews, downloads and more.

The Ipod Lounge

9 Responses to “The ILounge – manna for Ipod fans”

  1. I hope they have made it resistant to drop damage.

  2. Techsay,

    Most of the Ipod covers coming out nowadays are designed for that purpose.

  3. 3 Va__

    Ein wirklich sehr Interessante Seite mit guten Informationen.

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