CNET Senior Editor and technology geek James Kim is no more


James Kim,’s Senior Editor is no more. James disappeared along with his family when he was on vacation in Oregon. His family was rescued two days ago but James was still missing. James’s body was found by search and rescue workers yesterday.


 “Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson said James Kim had walked up to eight miles in “tremendously rugged terrain,” dressed only in tennis sneakers, pants, shirt and a medium-weight parka.He walked a circuitous route up the road he had driven in on in the middle of the night but apparently abandoned that strategy and began climbing downhill. His body was found a little more than a mile from the parked car.”


James was a product reviewer at CNET and had built a fan following over the years based on the information he dished out about mp3 players and other products.

See James’s CNET profile here. has a page dedicated to James here.

Rest in peace James.

7 Responses to “CNET Senior Editor and technology geek James Kim is no more”

  1. Very SAD News :(, may his soul rest in peace !

  2. 2 manny silva KG4RPU

    James Kim the Cnet magazine editor who perished recently near Grant’s Pass Oregon was known
    as the gadget guru. Too bad for him he was not versed with gadgets such as aportable ham radio or a gps
    handheld unit. As you see below there is an open access repeaterin the Grant’s Pass area
    he could have used to call for help

    Similar and unfortunate situations may occur in our nearby East Tn. wilderness because of lack of interest
    in radio and communications training

    Grants Pass 147.140 + 147.740 none
    WM7K 42.18.00 123.22.00 map Open, in general use, installed in SOARC A.R.E.S. mobile trailer for extended use in remote emergency communications. Battery, generator, solar powered sponsored by Rogue Rebels of the Southern Oregon Amateur Radio Club. 20W 5.5db omni

  3. There’s this article that says that James made a fatal decision by trusting Google maps at Wikipedia – Read the section titiled “Map and route controversy.”

    Mathew Wingram has a post that asks people not to blame Google for Kim’s death.

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