Google Wordmasters Challenge – Interesting theories…


With Google India failing to announce the results of the Google Wordmasters Challenge, many bloggers have expressed their frustration on the callousness of Google India. But a few of them took this as an opportunity to let their creative juices flow.

One of them came up with an interesting theory (Quoted from the blog.outer-court forum):

“this was NOT a wordmasters challenge, this was an effort to build a
stronger parallel corpus for machine translation of the indian
languages by examining usage of english terms and variants as they
interpreted by humans – this is a subtle form of annotation of a corpus
for insertion into a model. this is not a new approach, but the fact
that they did not reveal intentions is disturbing.”

7 Responses to “Google Wordmasters Challenge – Interesting theories…”

  1. 1 June Nandy

    Google wordmaster challenge was a terrific ploy to bring all the young intellectuals at one common platform and to get a peek preview of their cerebral content on innovations. Was it flame spotting of a prime mover or was it just a marketing strategy of their products through presentation .Still waiting for the results to come out.

  2. 2 Sagaro

    @June Nandy:
    I would like you to digest two thing:

    1) There was no motive to check your creativity and least your intellect.

    2) Won’t you guys ever give up. It been 7 days and I don’t think the results are ever gonna be out… period.

  3. 3 Scooby Doo

    Will someone please tell me where all our collective comments in this Space have mysteriously disappeared?
    It was hard work you know, thinking out those various theories…a LOT of brainstorming has gone into it, and now I see there is simply nothing stored!!

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  6. if you know please tell me the passoword 🙂

  7. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped
    me. Thanks a lot!

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