10 weeks (13 weeks now) FREE AJAX Programming course


Mr. Sang Shin who works for the Sun Microsystems is offering a 10
week free course on AJAX programming. The course is already half way
thro’ (It started from August 4th, 2006) goes on till December 8th,
2006. All the late comers don’t worry cauze the course material and
tutorials till date have been archived for you guys to refer and catch
up with the others.

I went thro’ a few of the tutorials and I must say they were impressive and in detail. Any AJAX n00b should take a look at it.

Message to potential attendees to this course from Sang Shin

The 1st session starts from August 4th, 2006. Just like other online courses I teach, this course is offered online only. For those of you who are not sure what it’s like to take this course online, please see What it’s like to take Sang Shin’s online course. Just to set the expectation correctly, there is no real-time webcasting.

The registration process is kinda quirky. In order to register for
this course, all you have to do is sending a blank email to one or both
of the following two email aliases.

So what you waiting for…

13 week Ajax Course (via)

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