Google Acquires JotSpot



JotSpot a startup business oriented service allows you to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries was acquired by Google today. JotSpot is as easy as using a word processor – you don’t need to know HTML. Thousands of businesses are using JotSpot to manage projects, build an intranet, share files and stay in sync with colleagues and customers. All of its features are plugged into a wiki framework.

Apart from the wiki, Google already has ventured in the other services that JotSpot offers (Google docs and spreadsheets, Google Calender etc).

“Google tries to add more value to their Google Office. This is one of the reasons why they bought JotSpot, a startup focused on creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, calendars, photos, videos and other files” notes the Google Operating blog.

JotSpot has closed new registrations until it moves to Google’s platform. The existing users will however can avail the service uninterrupted and will not be billed further. You can provide your Email id at the JotSpot main page to stay informed as to when the registrations open. (via)

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