111 free plugins for Photoshop


The Plugin site has got a fabulous collection of free Photoshop add-ons and plugins. Many of them are really useful and make life far more convenient especially when you are a designer from scratch kinda guy or a guy who just wants to tweak your photographs.

It lists plugins for:

Image Effects (37), Photo Enhancement (26), Web Design (6), Patterns / Textures (5), Painting & Drawing (3), 3D (3), Various (14), Image Format / Importing (14).

To list a few from the huge list that I found interesting:

Harry’s Filters
… contains 55 filter effects. They include filters for changing the image color or mood, for creating artistic effects, producing colorful gradients or impressive patterns, warping images, adding special noise effects to images, encrypting and decrypting images with 64 bit keys and producing various other effects like zoom, mirror or paint effects.

Ulead Free Plugins
Ulead started offering their commercial Art Texture plugin for free some time ago. Now they also offer Particle.Plugin and the FantasyWarp plugin (for Windows) for free, too. Particle.Plugin creates eight natural particle effects, e.g. smoke, fire, bubbles, clouds and rain. FantasyWarp takes any image or selection and warps, distorts and twists it into surreal patterns. Don’t miss these plugins!

George Fournaris offers five filter plugins (for Windows) called B/W Conversion, Local Contrast Enhancement, Soft Focus, Contrast Mask, Gradient Blur, Lens Corrector, High Pass Sharpening and Selective Saturation for free. Additionally the ppLabCor plugin corrects a bug in the current version of ColorLab* that concerning Lab TIFFs.The most interesting one is probably the B/W Conversion plugin which offers a lot of options for creating B/W images. The author asks for a donation via Paypal if you like and use his plugins.

And a hell lot more. So if you are a designer and swear by Adobe Photoshop, then this is your one stop place to find some fabulous support.

111 Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins for Windows and Mac

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