Genesis – Business Plan Competition


genesis iit madras business plan festThe business plan competition, which is about “initiating innovations” that can combine enterprise with social responsibility is being organized by IIT Madras. Genesis is a platform for you to develop your idea and learn about the various things involved in entrepreneurship. Genesis plans to encourage budding entrepreneurs by providing them the required guidance and financial incentive.

Genesis is a social entrepreneurship competition that aims to bring together students, NGOs, innovators, entrepreneurs, incubators, corporations and financiers and encourage them to come up with innovative ideas which are feasible and hold social relevance.

The competition is open to all students and working professionals (including NGOs) who have ideas that are innovative, feasible and can benefit society.

The competition is also meant to be a means of developing an eco-system that brings together students, NGOs, incubators, entrepreneurs, venture-capitalists and corporations. The focus is on inculcating the team spirit among a group of individuals having different skill-sets but who are driven by the same idea. The teams will have to necessarily consist of 50% or more students.

The competition is structured in stages to help the screening process:

Stage 0: In this stage of the competition, i.e. October 8-January 12 participants will workout on their business plans and will be involved in the team forming process.

Stage 1: A set of workshops will be organized to get you focused during Jan 13 and 14, 2007.

Stage 2: Mentoring and development grants will be provided.

Stage 3: Submission of Final B-Plans and Presentations (Feb 27th, 2007).

So if you got a B-Plan, what are you waiting for? Kick start your entrepreneur dreams 🙂

Genesis – Initiating Innovations

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