Google Talk Desperate for users


Google Talk blog is encouraging its users to come out with interesting stories on how they use the gTalk messenger.

Tell us how you Talk

We want to hear how you’re using Google Talk — and we’re looking for everything from the practical to the wacky. As in: did Google Talk help you get a date? Has it it reduced the cost of your small business communications? Is it easier to keep in touch with folks outside the country? Or maybe you used Google Talk to sing karaoke along with your friends in Korea … You get the idea.

So please, send us your story. If you’re especially cutting-edge, try shooting your story on video, upload it to Google Video, and send us the Google Video URL via the same form. We’ll post some of the most interesting stories on the Google Talk site. Watch for those soon.

Lewis Lin
Product Marketing Manager, Google Talk

gtalkThis I take as their PR stunt. But these days all gmail users who don’t use gTalk get a box stating “like to chat? Try google talk” in their gmail chat box. This clearly is an indicator of how they are trying to get more users for gTalk.

gTalk hasnt been doing well, since it doesnt offer much feature. Though recently file transfer was added, it still isn’t prefered over yahoo IM. For one, the features are way too low. Two, not many have still shifted to gTalk, which means one tends to stick to yahoo IM cause if he shifts he would lose all his contacts. And three, very bad integration of services. In Yahoo IM, I can just about do/access anything and everything Yahoo provides, but with gtalk I have integration of only two of Google’s serivices.

I just hope this pays off for gTalk and more users start using it cause I am one of those who feel the simplicity of gTalk rocks! 🙂

31 Responses to “Google Talk Desperate for users”

  1. 1 Lutzky

    I hope that gtalk catches on, as it will really help Jabber along. (GTalk users and users on other Jabber networks can talk with each other seamlessly)

  2. I’m a big fan of the simplicity of Google Talk too. 😉

  3. 3 officedoodles

    Does Google ever stop? Next thing there going to make computers. YUCK!

  4. I’m a big fan that they used the Jabber platform, but most people are already using their IM program of choice – getting them to switch is gonna be hard. Google came in too late in the game.

  5. Uh, huh. Big Suprise.

    Google has invented a new term. We in the valley used to call it vaporware. Now it’s all called Hypeware.

    Sell while the price is good.

  6. I use GT as well as the other IM programs *shrugs* I like it a lot, dont talk much on it, but its always signed in. 😀

  7. Google trying to act smart, they need to focus on their existing services rather than starting new ones.

  8. 8 Vaclav

    I’m using GTalk along with my Miranda. I like GTalk but as somebody already mentioned it would be nice if GTalk support also other protocols so one doesn’t loose his contacts (now I can chat via GTalk only with Jabber users). And please add a version for Linux 🙂
    Since I see that the number of Gmail users growing rapidly I hope that GTalk based on Jabber can replace ICQ

  9. 9 maique

    i’m using a mac and a lot of my contacts use gtalk. and others don’t.

    i use adium and talk to all of them at the same time, with one single program.
    when not at my computer a prefer that allows me to connect to all of them.

    no need for gtalk, but appreciate the use of the jabber protocol.

  10. I tried Gtalk, but it just doesn’t cut the cake. And the fact that Windows Live Messenger has shaken hands with Yahoo! Messenger is also a definite setback. I think Google shouldn’t want to be the leader of the pack in every field, maybe…

  11. google talk is excellent in its simplicity and its included in gmail is its main plus point..but google talk requires loads of work..i still prefer Yahoo Messenger because of the so many features it comes talk does not have smileys .. 😦

  12. 12 pickleshane

    I agree with Ganesh. I reckon GTalk is good enough, I think it’s always been the google way to keep things simple 🙂

  13. Whenever I am on gmail I get boxes from people with messages in them. I find it irritating as I get these boxes even from people I don’t want to talk to. Then its rather rude not to reply. On the other hand, one can always avoid replying to an email.

  14. googletalk takes forever to load up sometimes, or you get these annoying yellow alerts about technical difficulties.

  15. 15 j

    Gtalk’s interface should never be as ‘loaded’ as the bigger IM clients. It’s google, and (with a few notable exceptions) it’s supposed to be bland. It helps with the brand recognition and ease of use.

  16. 1. last time everyone argued that the NKOTB had relatively few features compared to the stalwart, it was the late 90s and no one anticipated The Great Lemming Run From ICQ To MSN Messenger.

    2. i’m no fan of big corps, Google included, but they do simplicity well, their integration into GMail is mighty convenient, and their standalone client’s Call feature is in no way complicated (so my parents can hook it up on their own).

    3. Yahoo’s Messenger is hardly the only other option out there; tons of people still use AIM and MSN.

    and lastly, to the author of this blog post:


  17. 19 ripismoney

    I like the simplicity of GoogleTalk. I never actually “Talk” to anyone, I just chat with the old keyboard. Being able to archive chats and have your buddies displayed in Gmail is great functionality. Plus, GTalk gets “Fight the Power” points for being the underdog in the instant messaging world.

  18. Google have an “easy” solution. Gateway their product into the other IM Networks. Meebo have shown how to do this. I fact buying Meebo would make good sense.

    For those that don’t know Meebo provide a web based IM client (so it works behind firewalls) that connects to all the big IM Networks. The also have a neat IM client widget you can place in your web page for vistors to chat to you…

  19. The gmail jabber account is my favorite IM identity, because:

    1. It is open (it is Jabber) — so everybody after me who will accept the same simple rule — go open — will be able to talk with me.

    2. I can still talk to my other ICQ (Bohemia) and MSN (Wisconsin) fellas. All you need is to set up a small Jabber client and find a right server, because those can connect you to other networks too.

    And I can save my chats and I will not loose them everytime I switch to a new IM client.

  20. I really dislike GTalk: you can’t navigate away from the page (which I’m forever doing out of absentmindedness and busyness) and it’s dead-dog-slow. I can easily put up twenty words before they appear in the box. I know I’m not on the world’s fastest machine or the world’s fastest connection, but the lag time is just wayyyyyyyyy out of line.

  21. I may be the only person who likes gtalk solely because it’s integrated into my email, so I can use it on public computers (with no IM clients) for a quick message. I already have AIM and Y!M accounts that I use with Adium; I don’t need another, especially when relatively few of my friends use Gmail. Gtalk’s value is that it’s small, plain, and webbed; it doesn’t need to be, and shouldn’t be, like a regular downloadable IM client.

  22. Melissa you said it .. (also) unfortunately ‘low on features’ must mean that most people like their clients loaded with junk (how ICQ became bloatware, etc.)?.. Anyway ..

  23. 25 Andre

    Any1 wanna chat? Feel free to invite me I will gladlly xapt.

    Ps. Dont be shy. Go on you can do it. Invite me.

  24. 26 Andre

    Oops I 4got my contact.

  25. 27 Mishumo

    I need to know if it’s possible to chat to two persons at the same time. Google is really nice though!

  26. hi ,,,,

    can any one tell me the way to open the blocked orkut and gmail and meebo?
    In my company, they blocked all of proxy servers.

    so plz anyone tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. @Sekhar
    It’s very simple. You want to bypass firewall?
    Their is a softwar named JAP. download it. ejoy

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