Google Website Optimizer


Google has launched its latest webmaster service “Website Optimizer”. Basically, you can just do about anything in your webiste and monitor whether it was for the good or the bad. On top of it, it would also forecast the reach of the users to land on a perticular page by clicking within your site.

You want your ads to be successful. To measure that success, you use click and conversion tracking to gain insight into user behavior on your pages. If users are reaching your pages, but you aren’t getting the conversion results you want, what do you do? It’s time to make improvements to your site. Website Optimizer can help.

The Website Optimizer allows you to test changes in the website content of your pages in order to determine what will be most effective in getting conversions. You choose what parts of a page you’d like to test — headline, image, promo text – and we’ll run an experiment on a portion of your site traffic to determine which content on your site users respond to best. When we’ve collected enough data, we’ll provide you with reliable reports and a suggested course of action in order to optimize your site for maximum business results.

“Website Optimizer is a free and self-service tool. Without extensive experience or resources, you can run multivariate experiments on landing page content, including headlines, promotional copy, and images. Complete the steps below and sign-up to participate in our beta test. We can only invite a small number of advertisers at this time, but hope to open the tool to all Advertisers over the coming months.”

Right now you can become a beta tester and test this product for free. So what you waiting for? Hurry!

NOTE: Before performing an experiment, take some time to consider which aspects of your page you’d like to test and how; the more thought you put into the experiment, the more valuable results you’ll get out of it. The Getting Started Checklist will give you a good idea of what steps you’ll need to take to prepare for your experiment.

Google Website Optimizer

Also ont he sidelines of this: Google has acquired DodgeBall (A social networking site).

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