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yahoo time capsule

Yahoo time capsule is a nice concept to preserve our time and place… in the virtual world of course. Most of us would have seen period films. A film say Amadeus revolving around the 18th century and a film revolving in the 15th century both have casts wearing similar costumes, speaking similar language and using similar tools. Why? Because we don’t have enough knowledge/details about their time. We generalize everything before the 19th centure with same kinda language/dress/tools/art/culture.

100 years down the line, the future generations will generalize us, for the lack of details about our culture and tradition and our TIME. Yahoo Time Capsule lets you record anything and everything that descirbes the year 2006: word, video, voice, message, photo etc. Within the next 21 days anyone with a valid yahoo id can upload their content into the time capsule.

Like everything Yahoo! does, it’s about you – our amazing users. We think there’s no one better suited to teach future generations what the world was like in 2006. For 30 days, from October 10 until November 8, Yahoo! users worldwide can contribute photos, writings, videos, audio – even drawings – to this electronic anthropology project. This digital data will be gathered and preserved for historical purposes.

In addition to submitting your own content, you can view, read, or hear the images, words, and sounds contributed by users from around the world.

You can also comment on the content you and others have submitted – and engage in a digital conversation that is just as revealing and important as any of the content you’ll witness.

The final collection with varied themes: happy, fun, humor, best of, sad, faith, beauty etc… would define our time.

So what you waiting for? Sands of time wait for none. Imprint your existance…

Yahoo Time Capsule

One Response to “Yahoo Time Capsule”

  1. Its an interesting concept all right. I made a submission to them a few days back but did not receive any feedback as promised.

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