A few Google Updates


Treo users can now rejoice Google’s new service – Google Maps in Treo. Well not exactly anew service, but this one, google claims: “We think this is the fastest, slickest version yet, with draggable maps and translucent pop-up balloons that don’t hide the map.”

There are two ways for Treo users to download Google Maps: visit google.com/gmm on your Treo’s web browser, or you if you prefer, download and HotSync® here.


Google has got into a partnership with two of the major companies in the Music world – Sony BMG and Warner Music group. This implies a lot of new music videos in the Google Video via free, ad-supported on-demand streams.


Google for Educators is a new portal, where google has a set of its services available and tells teachers how they can benifit from them. The idea is sleek and I guess should be of a great help for a teacher.

Google recognizes the central role that teachers play in breaking down the barriers between people and information, and we support educators who work each day to empower their students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. This website is one of the ways we’re working to bolster that support and explore how Google and educators can work together.

As a start, we’re inviting you to share your best ideas for using technology to innovate in the classroom.


Google Blog Ping was out earlier this week. Now one can directly ping google blog search, rather than pinging Pingomatic/pingoat or anyother such external ping bots. This doesn’t mean google will stop monitoring other sources to update themselves.


The google groups has got a new face lift with extra features peppered in it. Well, this is the google groups beta where you can now create a welcome message, upload a group logo, customize your fonts and color, upload files and add folders, monitor members in members area and most importantly you can now create pages for your group (Eg. About this group, founders of this group etc.)…

Google groups allows pages??? Yes it does and that too with google page creator integration.

Of course, the current non-beta version of Google Groups is still around and you can still use it (although without the cool new features).


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  1. what are you talking about

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