Archive for October 11th, 2006

Here is a neat tutorial on how to build a small autonomous robot using PIC 18F4620. There are a lot of pictures and circuit schematics to help you get it done easily. The robot description isn’t uploaded completely yet. Work is still in progress, but then the important parts and circuits are put up. This […]

Chad and Steve, founders of youtube, give a breifing on what will happen in the future after Google acquired youtube day before. A must see for all Googlers and Youtube addicts 🙂 One thing is made clear,  google video search results will involve youtube videos too 🙂

Google released their new service Docs and Spreadsheet. In simple words – writely + spreadsheet = docs and spreadsheet. But that is not all. A few good mods have been done, which makes life a lot more easier. Firstly, both the docs and spreadsheets are at the same place thought there is no virtual interaction […]

JavaMoose has put up an interesting collection of 1945 Pop Mech ‘Useful Ideas’. Its all in the form of jpgs and at the moment they number 105 pages. He also promises to upload new content every monday. I found Pop’s collection of vintage Handyman Magazines and oh how glorious they are. So, I decided to […]