Google Wordmasters Challenge Concludes


The previously mentioned google wordmasters challenge ended yesterday. Conducted across 9 cities (including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hydrabad) and seeing over 300 participants in every city, I would say it was a success.

Like I already noted, the good thing about the event was that, it didn’t restrict creativity with an age limit bar. The Chennai edition saw 60 year olds to 17 year olds battling it out for the awards. I was quite dissapointed to not find any school going kid there. But hey, the school kids get enough opportunities, for creative writing is a part of every culturals in Chennai.

At first I wasn’t sure about the competition. Not much publicity had been given, at least not in Chennai. Most of the publicizing was done thro’ blogs, this would have meant most participants would essentially be bloggers. But thank god, this was not the case. Only a handful of prominent bloggers turned up.

Many in the auditorium had no clue about the competition. Only during the 45 minutes presentation on Google, prior to the contest, did people get to know what it was going to be about. But I guess that was to make sure they don’t compromise on the creativity part of it.

The event format was simple: Two topics, each with 20 disparate words, were provided. One is supposed to logically connect these words to come up with a 200 words max. essay. Points would be awarded for: grammer, usage of the words properly, logic and creativity.

Topic One: Angry? Who me?
Wordlist: disagreement, insight, rethink, nerves, professional, adjust, viewpoint, democratic, motive, goodness, adamant, boss, meditation, accept, anger management, Eistein, differences, control, hurt, humane.

Topic Two: Innovations
Wordlist: absurd, imagine, horse sense, practical, impossible, analyze, direction, give up, thinking hat, observation, know, phenomena, create, experiment, weird, energy, inquisitive, luck, eureka, out of the box.

And yes, you are supposed to use these words directly, derivatives/tense of the word will not be allowed. Time limit: 45 minutes. So there you go. Try it out if you want to, its a good mental exercise.

One winner and two runners up will be chosen from the 2700+ participants, who will get undisclosed huge sum of money. Along with these three, the next seven best entrants will get a chance to visit the Google Hyde office. The trip will be sponsored by Google India.

Somewhere during the competitions, a Googler let out that, the winners might get an opportunity to work with Google Adwords. I don’t understand what is the connection. Google Adwords doesn’t milk your creative juice. It’s about managing a database. Why waste these talents on such a pathetic jobs?

Another thing which I appreciate about Google is that they gave away a goodies pack with google key chain, pen and notepad. Nothing big, but it definitely amused the participants 🙂

UPDATE: The results are gonna be out any moment today (30th Oct 2006). Everyone is excited. If any of you guys made it, please pitch in a word here so I can put up the results here for the benefit of others 🙂

UPDATE 2: Discussion on Google’s callousness is going on over here. Please do check in and share your thoughts too 🙂

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22 Responses to “Google Wordmasters Challenge Concludes”

  1. Ohh..missed possibly a great chance. Look at my blogs to see what I scribbled.. 😦

  2. how did i miss the show man .. wont u guys let me know..?

  3. 3 Narcissa

    Um… I distinctly recall asking the volunteers at the challenge whether derivatives were allowed. No less than four of them said they very much were. Please, God, please don’t tell me a day before the results that I may possibly have been disqualified! *sobs*

  4. 4 susheel sukhraj

    same as nacissa… sobs.

  5. @Susheel and Narcissa:

    Guys don’t worry. Google has relaxed their rules a bit in very city. For instance:

    Delhi got an hour for the same test instead of the 45 minutes.

    B’lore got a relaxation of word limit to upto 250 words…

    So I guess its not a big deal if you used derivatives. Neways, best of luck with your entry.

  6. 6 Aastha S.

    Any idea where the results will be announced? cant wait!!

  7. 7 Sagaro

    @Aastha S:
    The results won’t be announced in any site. It is all thro email notification only. Only the winners will get notified thro their mail. So if you have got a mail it means you are a winner and if by today night you don’t receive any email confirmation then you are not.

    But if you are interested in finding out who the winners are you can:

    obtain the list of the winners by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Google India Pvt. Ltd., Prestige Sigma, No.3, Vittal Mallya Road, Banglore 560001.

    I swear this sounds crazy cauze google’s motto is Info for all people, and here instead of just putting up the results in some website they are going about this sad process where one has to snail mail them to find out the results… I feel this is dumb.

    Neways if any of you know the results please do share it with us here. 🙂

  8. 8 maits

    looks like the toast i ate for breakfast metamorphosized to a million butterflies. been doin nothin but countin the chicken since yesterday- not sure if there were any eggs in the first place- before they hatched (if they ever will). junta (informed junta, that is) keep us lesser mortals posted….

  9. Take it easy, maits — Google is probably trying to kill folks like you with the suspense. 🙂 But I agree it’s not the best way to handle things.

  10. @Hari:
    Its not called keeping a suspense. Its called un-professionalism. Dude does anyone know where to look out for the winners list apart from their email boxes. The irony of it being google is a place where you can get info from 😛

  11. well Sagaro…. I know a guy, who’s finished runner up… but who does not want to disclose any informtion about it, unless its confirmed. Once it is confirmed that he has won the prize, I will ask him to mail you. He has just recieved an email that he was the runner up and he got a u huge sunm of money, which is equivalent to flying chennai-singapore-chennai-singapore-chennai-malaysia-chennai.


  12. @Kartik Kannan:
    So they are giving out the results. Cool! I for a moment thought the whole event was a scam. And machan who is that guy da? The GRE dude??? Neways whats the exact prize money?

  13. karthik i have an inkling it is yourself you are talking about. saw on another forum that you have received an email saying you have been shortlisted. way to go dude… hope to have concrete news soon

  14. 14 Sagaro

    Which other forum did Kartik Kannan post on to? I would like to keep an eye on all the forums discussing this so that I can know all the winners.

  15. we’ve only got hoaxes and pjs so far… this is jarring on the nerves. there must be some wise guy who knows whats really happening and laffing foxily at our discomfort (discomfort is an understatement- we are going bonkers).

  16. 16 sandcastle

    hi…i participated in the google wordmasters challenge in pune. the results were supposed to be announced on 30 oct. anyone knows where to look up the winners list? i remember the google people had mentioned a url for results but i didn’t note it down.

  17. @Kartik Kannan:
    That was hilarious. I mean the gag. And you feel for that… haha. Ok Ok I really feel sorry for you … yea right 😛

    I think know one knows about it. Google India has forgotten about the competition. At present I am spamming RJ Vijay (googler) and trying source out some info. He hasnt replied to my hajar mails yet…

    I can assure you google India never gave out any such website url where people can go get the results. So sit tight if you still believe google India is gonna release the prizes… as for me.. I have given upon trusting them any further… The whole event was a huge farce…

  18. interesting information

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