The Google “Music” operator???


google music

Go to and enter “Music:comfortably numb” without the quotes and you would be surprised by the results. There apparently is a google operator “Music”. Though officially not out from the google labs, I guess it works perfectly fine. The results provide youw ith information on the song and album.

What is funny is that though your results are minimal and refer to the song of your choice, the label under the search box reads “music: was dropped from your search because it is not supported for this type of search.”

Also note (Click on the image to enlarge it and view) how a link to froogle appears when you do the music search. General search will see the following on top of the google search bar:

Web Images VideoNew! News Maps Desktop

The new music operator: “ term” will see the following:

“Web Images Groups News Froogle Maps more »”

Now this was the top bar exactly before google decided to go away with froogle and introduce desktop and videos. This implies that the music operator was in the labs long back and has still not graduated.

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2 Responses to “The Google “Music” operator???”

  1. 1 Chuck

    I like to use the ‘define: blank’ tool.

  2. the good thing is the results are actually highly concentrated and there are’nt that many.. not like a normal google search.. hmm…

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