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Check out the google experimental design of their search results page. The services like image search, book search etc. show on the left hand side bar. Though I hate this look, but here is how you do it:

1) Go to

2) On the right hand side corner you will note a “Personalize” and “Sign in” link. If you are not logged on already, sign in with your google account.

3) Now get back to and enter the following javascript in your address bar and press enter.

javascript:document.cookie=”PREF= ID=ad93daafaa747f70:TM=1158373640:LM=1158374016:GM=1:S=wNuiLiKHrkRnMZtf; path=/;”

4) You get some weird looking white screen with a part of the javascript, don’t worry. Just go back and near the google search bar you should be able to spot “Advanced Search Preferences Language Tools” Click ‘Preferences’ and click ‘Save Preferences’.

5) Now do a google search and you should be able to see the new side bar. You don’t like it?? Well just delete your google cookies or log out and do the search.

UPDATE: This also works for other google domains, like, etc. How do you make it work?

Follow the same steps, but make a change in the 3rd one. While copying the script the last part which reads ‘’ should be changed to your area specific google homepage (for instance ‘’).

javascript:document.cookie=”PREF= ID=ad93daafaa747f70:TM=1158373640:LM=1158374016:GM=1:S=wNuiLiKHrkRnMZtf; path=/; {change this :)}

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3 Responses to “Google’s new experimental design”

  1. Interesting. Somebody recently gave this link on how google was trying to connect with old newspapers. You may like it.

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