Google Looking for Writer


Google’s has announced its latest challenge: Google Wordmasters Challenge. This is not a technical challenge. Quite unlike its previous challenges (CodeJam, Da Vince code, desktop gadgets), this is based on how well you write and your creativity. Mr. Sundararaman, acting sales head of Google India, says “We are trying to identify the creative minds across various areas through this contest”

The contest will be held at ten places in India, including Chennai, on 30th of September, 2006. The last date for registration is September 25th. So hurry!

The contest format: The contestents will be given 20 random words which they will have to string in a logical manner, with proper grammer to craft an essay. the top three get to win a lot of prizes including a chance to do a distant learning course at one of  the top foreign universities.

Google Wordmasters Challenge

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  1. Grande sito!!

  2. great information
    good luck to you

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