Become a Pro Podcaster part3


Read This first pro podcaster 1 and pro podcaster 2.

We now assume that you have a basic sound file, which you are going to edit. In this part of the article we are going to use the audacity freeware to do all the basic edits. So that will require you to download audacity and also the LAME mp3 encoder that is used to convert it to mp3.

The first thing that s required to be done is to export the sound file into audacity. This can be done using two ways. Either use the import option under the project menu else use the open option under the file menu.

Next thing to be done is to set your sampling rates and frequency. This can be done using the options available at the track. Please view the picture below.

Now that you have set your sampling rates we might as well start the actual editing. The first lesson in podcast editing is that there are no fixed lessons upon which podcasts are edited. That is we cannot go about a fixed routine of editing since the quality of sound varies every case in a very diverse manner. So to actually decide on the kind of editing that is required you must first listen to the unedited music file.

Create a label track if required. A label track is one along which you can type in words along the time line so that it helps you while editing. Here is an example of a label track.

Next job is to remove the ambient noise. In part two we asked you to record the ambient noise. Now we will teach you how to remove it . First of all you will have to open the noise removal option, which is available under the effect menu. You will then have to select the area that contains the ambient noise alone. Now then that has been done, open the option again and say remove noise. The amount of noise to be removed can be moderated using the scroll bar depending on the ambient noise level.

If the recording did not have enough echo or in other words if it was acoustically dead then may be you will want to improve the reverb by increasing the echo by a mild fraction with a delay time some where near one hundredth of a second.

Next you can increase or decrease the speed of the track using the tempo or the speed option. Note that the pitch of the track will also change if the speed option is made use of.

In the next part we will deal with the ‘editing between tracks’ and ‘exporting into mp3.’

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2 Responses to “Become a Pro Podcaster part3”

  1. interesting prog

  2. Hey! That is really neato! Does it work with FTR too?

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