Good Morning Scoble..


Post lunch, rested and relaxed, after much trouble trying to screen the skype video Scobel finally turned up on the big screen. BlogCamo im sure is very grateful to Scobel for sacrificing his slumber to address an excited audience. Questions were typed out to Scobel from the audience and from IRC feed.

Bloggers were all ears as he gave tips and hints to improving your blog. An interesting point he touched upon was the importance of Technorati to your blog. He spoke of Podtech, his brainchild and the reason behind him leaving Microsoft. He plans to interview online celebrities as he believes there is a lot of potential for video casts on the net.

Question answer session really fired things up. An online participant from IRC asked about Microsoft’s Open source venture ans to what extent Microsoft would actually suport Open Source. Scobeleizer was very diplomatic in his references to his ex-enterprise and spoke of Installer which is Microsoft’s open source product. On the lighter side, whne asked about what he missed most about Microsoft, ‘free drinks’ was the lightning quick reply.

Scobeleizer’s early morning session was briefly put highly interactive and entertaining. While answering the questions Skobeleizer was simultaneously reading audience’s blogs and live bloggers posts about his session.

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