BlogCamp day 2: Post Lunch


Prayas Abhinav is giving a talk on “Possible Open Content Strategies For India – why What You Share Is What You Are“. That is a huge topic, but pretty interesting one. Why? Today most blogs/sites are dumped for the very reason ‘content theft’. Prayas believes Creative commons license will work in India, since mostly its the college students and new bloggers tend to commit such crimes.

The cultural perspective is something he is concentrating on. Open content which he proposes is something like work produced collaboratively. Why? simple Wikipedia is a huge success. There were a few problems with wikipedia. But the challenges have been overcome and right now many prefer to use wikipedia compared to encarta or other such encyclopaedias. The point being it works just like an unconference. A normal conference is “one to many” but an unconference is “many to many”.

A creative commons license also will motivate people to contribute and share what they know. A CC lets you tell the world what one can use of your content and what they can’t use. Examples or wishlists for such a modular system could be ranging from ncert text books to cheese and bread.

I have cheese you have bread, lets make a sandwich.

Your content will not be stolen, it will be used. Isnt that a better way of looking into it? Sharing is not giving away, sharing is initiating a transaction…

Ashwan Lewis gave a good talk on the popularization and possibilities of science blogging. It is pretty amazing how you can netwrok with a person in uganda doing a same project as you, living at your home and collaborate with him. 🙂

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  1. ha good one!

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