BlogCamp Day 2: Good Morning


10:00 am: The day started out pretty sluggish, with guys not getting enough sleep over the last night beach house party. Kartik Kannan gave a good talk on marketing via blogs. It was pretty interesting. Then continued the session on Blogging for Indian Politics by Veena of SGS Technologies. I took to the rule of two feet.

In the second track Deep gave an enlightening talk on SEO. It was short but interesting. Google bombing no longer works??? Really!!!

sharad10:30 am: Right now, I am attending Digital Photography – by Sharad Haksar. He is one of the best digital photographers around here. He uses photoshop to edit his pictures. What got everyones attention was his 39 mega pixel camera which captures a high definition photo of just about 300 mb. What? one photo 300 mb? You must be kidding me.

I liked the way he put it, when someone accused him of being good only cause he owns a cool camera, “Its not the camer, its the person behind the camera, if you buy a digital camera, you don’t become a digital photographer, you become a digital camera owner.”

He also shared his experience with his ads and how his blog helped in his career. For the coke promo that you see in the embeded pic, he almost got ruffled and buffeted by Coke industry. But he stood his ground, fought back and then people started supporting him. Blogs posted about him. And coke had to give up :). The moral of the story, if you are good, bloggers will back you up, even if the news media/print chicken out from supporting you.

11:00 am: Sunil gavaskar is here. I don’t think I need to introduce him to you guys. Moresunil gavaskar than just a celebrity attraction, he also gave a few tips on podcasting and he talked about taking blogging further. Not just reporting or podcasting, it about having a two way conversation or even a way of reaching out to the cricket crazy people. He is pretty humble and has decided to start a blog himself, where he can give tips to youngsters on good cricket. Though I personally think Cricket is boring, but then the idea is pretty cool. With video blogging becoming a reality in India, I guess this Cricket crazy country could do a lot better in this sport with greats like Sunil passing free tips on a global level: Blogging.

The good part about the session was, how the virtual participants were taking part in it. A few peeps from London, came up with questions for Sunil via the live IRC BC Chat and Skype. All of you who are missing Sunil Live, you just have to go visit our online tv station where we are broadcasting the session LIVE!

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