Afternoon Update


Bhasker V Kode (Bosky) discussed about the basics of Ajax and Twidgets in his session. He introduced to the crowd in the conference hall, a few of the widgets that he created, which makes the blog more dynamic in nature. Bhasker who suggested that the trend of the current web is going towards widgets and its development, felt that implementing relevant widgets in blogs will make the blog more attractive for readers.

A few of the widgets that he presented include this timeline. He felt that the dynamic nature of this timeline would make accessing archived posts far easier and simpler. Another widget that he created, called Pinefeed is an easy feed reader widget that can be embedded in your blog.

I actually liked his ideas. We have adsense and yahoo ads and qumana ads for blogs. The point being we have content in blog and we post ads in them. We have in built widgets or java script etc. You just have to include a line of script and you have the ads in the posts. But why can’t we have content in content. Let me explain: We can collect information from various sites and put a plugin in our blogposts so these other posts in the blogosphere relating to your line of thought will also be published. That sounded pretty cool, but my only hitch is ‘why would I wanna publish other people’s content in my posts, if I am not getting paid?’

Following Bhasker was Karthik Abraham from TCS. Karthik discussed on how he created his own blogging platform using PHP and Mysql . Karthik told that it was really tough to create and implement your own blogging platform. What we can get in a click from other blogging platforms requires long and clever programming to implement. In a self developed platform. Yet, he feels that the flexibility that a self-developed platform allows is incomparable to what you get from the regulars. Karthik also spoke about the CAPTCHA that he developed for his comment system, to prevent spamming.

4:58 PM: Track 1 is going on hot. Amit Agarwal, a professional blogger, who has quit his day job and started blogging full time is up on “Professional Blogging”. This session doesn’t have any kind of slide show, which makes it more of an unconference style unconference. The audience are literally fighting with each other to ask myriad questions to Amit. Questions ranging from how and why he quit to small SEO questions to Google Adsense were asked and patiently answered. Whereever possible, the audience complemented the speaker enriching the experience.

Om Prakash, is getting ready to speak on increasing page traffic for blogs. 

With this presentation day 1 events in the conference hall got over. Everybody around is getting ready to go to the beach house party.


3 Responses to “Afternoon Update”

  1. #

    Hey 8 ),
    you can check out the rest of the demos at the foll links: and

    Keep Clicking,
    Bhasker V Kode

  2. Hi,

    That looks like meaty-posting to me. Thanks for not covering the event as scheduled activity but through the flow of ideas and conclusions reached.

    Yes, the experiences that many successful(not just moneywise) bloggers shared was sort of educative. Blogging, afetr the event, is not just a personal escapade but a colletcive, interactive activity with a good dose of social responsibility.

    As you have mentioned I was getting ready to speak at the event and did too. However, my PPT was lost in a laptop malfunction. Now you can view the PPT at

    Om Prakash Routray

  3. Thanks OM for the presentation 🙂

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