BlogCamp Day 1 – Going strong.


Ganesh APP11:00 am: The first presentation in track 2 just got over. Ganesh from BotHack gave an introduction to the wordpress platform to a crowd of about fifty. There were many questions about the basic working of wordpress, doubts, queries and technical suggestions and they were very well received, interpreted and discussed. He spoke briefly about the free version of wordpress. The topics he touched upon include categorization of posts, the widgets available, their implementation on wordpress and the basics about wordpress themes. The advantages of wordpress and its subsequent superiority over other blogging platforms was well elucidated.

Session 2 was blogger beta fighting back. Prasanna gave us the details of Google’s beta blogging platform, he spoke about various features including user friendly widgets and extras that make template editing far easier. The session brought audience into full gear with everyone eagerly taking part, Bosky from TechEnclave intervened with tips of CSS formating in the blog template.

Another co-editor from BotHack then took centre stage, Aswin Anand started off with the basics of template construction from scratch. He gave interesting hacks into WordPress for those hosting wordpress blogs on their own servers. He spoke about php enabled servers, where to find servers to host websites, Ganesh of rupya added on about cost effective alternatives, importance of database memory availability and ways to successfully host your website. A healthy coefficient of the audience had experience hosting their own pages and a lively and highly interactive discussion broke loose.

The two hours melted away seemingly into just minutes and lunch was announced at just past 1. Famished audience broke for lunch and discussions were carried into the dining room.


4 Responses to “BlogCamp Day 1 – Going strong.”

  1. I am so new at this, even my rose tinted glasses have an option for green. Just from the initial quick scan here, it seems that there are choices to be made; but there are so many options here. Does anyone have a handle first on what larger entities run what? For instance, I was a little surprised that was run by Google, who gave me an option to transfer to a beta version. I guess what I’m asking is something like, Microsoft runs Windows, and there’s Linux, and Apple; then Sun Microsystem …etc.

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