BlogCamp Chennai Opens


blogcamp Its 9:18 am and its electric in here at Tidel. The live TV station is up and running. You can watch the whole event live here.

Kiruba just gave a briefing on the event. The Ceo of Suleka, Mr. Satya is just giving a small talk on bloggers and writers. He says Blogging is a rich experience by itself, chuck the money. Did he say chuck the money??? Ahem. But I kinda agree with him, BotHack hardly makes any money.

Lot of goodies are been given away. A laptop bag, note pads, pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts etc. the whole thing makes for a huge baggage which people are finding difficult to move around with. Given to me, I would have prefered to give the tee, laptop bag and coffee mug at the end of the day, at least that wouldnt restrict the mobility of the people.

For Live blog updates on the event: Bot-Hack

Live Photo-stream: Flickr

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  1. too interesting blog

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