Shaastra – 2006


Shaastra is the annual technical festival of IIT Madras[1].
Were the spirit of engineering is celebrated. This is done by organising events
that require engineering talent to win. It is a brilliant learning
experience for everyone, as a participant, or as an audience
member. Shaastra has an ISO certification for implementing Quality
Management Systems which ensures a smooth and comfortable experience.

The first thing you need to know about Shaastra 2006 is that there are
lots of events, including a B-plan contest, all very well detailied on
our website With many many events comes lots of prize money. The prize money in store is Rs. 10,00,000.
That’s probably the highest ever on offer in any IIT Madras student
fest. As usual, they are also providing for accomodation for students
registered with their hospitality team. The hospitality team starts
online registration for accomodation in IIT Madras on or after 27th
August. They usually get more requests than we can accomodate, so please
check the website regularly and register early.

New events this year are —

  • Breakthrough — The IIT Madras b-plan contest is now synergising with Shaastra. A huge Rs. 3,00,000 in seed money to be won.
  • Junkyard wars — The discovery channel superhit series is coming to town. And yes, its just as awesome.
  • Online Programming contest — They have always got queries on why the
    cult classic is not part of Shaastra. Well, we just answered it — It
    is now.
  • Fire n ICE — An IC Engine challenge is always attractive, especially to those mechanical engineering students.
  • Modding — A special contest for those who just cant stop their hands from tinkering. Not to be missed.
  • AI Wars — A super hit event two years back, it is a coders delight. Coding and gaming, together!!
  • Overtones — We all have our favourite instruments. But can we build them?
  • E-modelling — A simple product design contest. For design leads engineering sometimes.
  • Fox Hunt — A ham radio favourite. Anybody with a little electrical sciences knowledge will enjoy this one.
  • Bulls Eye — The stock market simulation that refuses to die down. Its back after a 1-year, well, you could call it a crash!!

There are lots of design events this year around and lot of
variety in terms of problem statements to suit different branches and
different interest groups. (Needless to repeat, there is a lot of money
to be won) There are also lots of unwinding to do at Shaastra – there
are videos and movies to be watched, puzzles to be solved, ignobel
prizes to be won, lectures and Vcons to be attended, demos to be seen
and so on.

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9 Responses to “Shaastra – 2006”

  1. 1 Some guy

    a really really bad reproduction of the first newsletter…

  2. 2 gapp

    Hey some guy,
    I know its a bad reproduction of the newsletter. Like I said, right now all of us are a bit busy. so if you hang in tight you might get some good content. I am really sorry for pissing you off with cut copy paste stuff… But we were asked to by a close friend who is one of the design co-ord at Shaastra to post the news letter and we did the same, just to spread the word.

    We had already written about Shaastra at BotHack, pliss read this: its not cut copy paste. And hope that satisfies your needs as of now. We promise to improve soon. Just give us some time.

    Thanx for pointing out our mistakes. We truely appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. # Google Events — Search Engine Optimisation has started. The earlier you start your site, the better will be your ranking.

    That statement you wrote is Absoultely wrong according to SEO

    I was the winner of Shaastra google event

  4. This is very nice site, but my is better! 😉

  5. This is very nice site, but my is better! 😉

  6. yo yo !!!!!

  1. 1 BotHack » What does it take to be on top?
  2. 2 Shaastra Begins « BotHack

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