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Many times on programming there is a need of swapping 2 variables, i.e. exchange their value. An example is (in Pseudocode) : a=10 b=20 print a,b // 10,20 temp=a a=b b=temp print a,b // 20,10 What if we want to swap a,b without a temp var? (this is also nice as simple programming challenge. We […]

Go to and click on the exclaimation mark (‘!’) with your speakers turned full blast. Enjoy the easter egg 🙂 Technorati Tags: yahoo, easter egg

The Google code jam 2006, one of the biggest online programming competitions in the world has teamed up with for this years much awaited event. The registration process has begun and will close on September 5th. So hurry up!!! This years prize money is as good as the previous ones. $165,000 in Cash & […]