Here is an interesting Ajax Conference

Fawcette has an interesting Online Tradeshow running from 15/8 to 16/8. It’s free to attend so there is the usual sales pitch in the discussions and presentations, but if you look beyond you will get a good idea what AJAX is about.

Interestingly an online survey has shown that 68% of the attendees in a panel discussion yesterday are using .NET as platform to develop AJAX implementations. Of course we have no idea how many responded, but it leaves me wondering if the Java community does not attend these shows, because they know already everything about AJAX and it’s new for .NET developers. Or is there a shift to .NET? I need to check out statistics.

In any case, get the AJAX whitepaper from the above link (you need to leave an e-mail address in exchange) – it’s a good overview and will save time in the team when a customer or the boss wants to have this new AJAX thingy.

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