Click Density


Click Density is a service which will help you figure out the best customized template for you website. It creates heat maps for your website for usability and information architecture.

This can also be helpful for placing targeted Adsense ads on the right spots of your website for the optimum effeciency. The clickdensity heat map shows at a glance the relative popularity of components on your pages. Getting similar data from standard web analytics tools can be impossible, or at best complex and time consuming.

A 30 day free trial is available for you to test drive the service. Make use of it 🙂

Click Density

2 Responses to “Click Density”

  1. Looks like a clone of Crazy Egg’s heatmap and kind of similar to great way to keep track of which part/area of your website the vistors like/visit/click the most.

    A small review I did a few months back

  2. 2 gapp

    Thanx for sharing the info BluSaze 🙂

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