Mozy – Free Remote Backup Tool


MozyMozy is a remote backup tool for Windows that gives you 2GB space to automatically synchronize your folders online. Mozy encrypts data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption, and transfers them using 128-bit SSL, so it’s secure. You can schedule daily or weekly backups or you can let the automatic backup happen (Mozy backups your folders only if the computer is idle for a certain number of minutes, by default – 30 minutes).

  • Free: no setup fee, no monthly payments (Mozy Free)
  • Automatic: get started in seconds, then relax
  • Secure: your data is always private and encrypted

Click here to get an account. [Hat tip Sharique!]

Mozy – Free Remote Backup Tool

One Response to “Mozy – Free Remote Backup Tool”

  1. Interesting. We have launched a service based on the software by Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

    We will offer a much more comprehensive service than what these ‘cheapos’ are offering, and will exclusively target the business sector. Our online backup software natively supports open and in-use Exchange and SQL databases, among other advanced functionality that is best suited to SMB/SMEs.


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