CoComment – Track Your Comments


There are times when you comment on some page and forget about it. Then one fine day we might suddenly remember it and we might wish that we remembered the comment so that there could have been a fast rebuttal. These days are gone now. cocomment is here. Cocomment lets you keep track of your comments in two easy steps.

track your conversations

keep track of all your comments using a single feed, with the help of a browser plug in or a bookmark and view all your comments in a single page when ever you want.

share your conversations

share your comments in your blog / website using a simple java script that is provided once you signup.


  • easy management of your comment-conversations.
  • easy signup procedure.
  • fast, easy and efficient.
  • provisions to apply tag for easy navigation.
  • follow the hottest comment sections on the web.

coComment makes your online conversation a lot more fun, with a simple but useful set of services like conversation tracking and sharing, RSS feeds and alerts for conversations, and a variety of community oriented services.

Cocomment can be a really useful tool for all the die harder commenters. Here are the FAQs.


2 Responses to “CoComment – Track Your Comments”

  1. i like all this options very much

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