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There are times when you comment on some page and forget about it. Then one fine day we might suddenly remember it and we might wish that we remembered the comment so that there could have been a fast rebuttal. These days are gone now. cocomment is here. Cocomment lets you keep track of your […]

Celebrating the World Firefox Day, here is your chance to test the Firefox 2.0. Starting on July 15, the day that the Mozilla Foundation was created, they ask that you tell just one person who doesn’t use Firefox why you think they should, why you do. Share Firefox with a friend. If your friend downloads […]

Mozy is a remote backup tool for Windows that gives you 2GB space to automatically synchronize your folders online. Mozy encrypts data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption, and transfers them using 128-bit SSL, so it’s secure. You can schedule daily or weekly backups or you can let the automatic backup happen (Mozy backups your folders only […]