Blogger, Typepad and Geocities blocked by certain ISPs in India


Currently within 2 hours a set of popular ISPs in India have blocked access to, and domain. The list as of now is:

Reliance Powersurfer / Infocom
7 Star Cable Service

BSNL users however havent faced this problem yet.

Its high time, people shift to wordpress and use the import option to import all their posts with comments from blogger/typepad into their wordpress account.

More info can be found here.

As of now you can use or via proxy (, to access your blogger blogs.

11 Responses to “Blogger, Typepad and Geocities blocked by certain ISPs in India”

  1. thanks – needed that!! 🙂

  2. 2 Anonymous

    That’s sad. But there is a silver lining. solves part of the problem

  3. 3 Arjun

    why the did they have to do this s***. We arnt telecasting our stuff in tv or publishing it in journals. cant we have a space of our freedom of speech and expression dead… why the hell is this happening

  4. Thats terrible news for bloggers;despite the advent of wordpress, blogspot continues to be the most popular bloggin’ choice; and whos to say once wordpress becomes popular,it wont be blocked as well

  5. 5 Someone

    Cool it guys!! Read ..Its heartening news 🙂

  6. I use BSNL Broadband DataOne, and I can’t accesss blogspot either.

  7. Yay!! Blogspot is working again!!!

  8. @Suraksha:
    Glad it was of help

    Thanx for enlightening.

    Its not the govt. its the ISPS. The govt. gave a list of blogs to be banned by the ISPs regarding the mumbai blasts and since the list was huge the ISPs kinda blocked the whole ip.

  9. @Srivatsan:
    Yes its pretty terrible maan!

    Thanx for the info.

    Looks like only sify allows blogspot for now. Airtel still not lifted the ban.

  10. I use BSNL, and I can access blogspot.

  11. guys ..yep tis a point to ponder about for all bloggers .. i discussed this with a friend of mine who is a public servant n is involved in taking this action as well.. most of these sites are working normally now .. except geocities ofcourse .. this is because geocities uses slash for showing webpages of individuals like this .. which means there is no way to block the access unless the whole site is blocked … however blogspot is back again coz it uses subdomains n it is easy to block individual domains .. Even Indian Govt. knows its no uses blocking them coz they might come up with new proxies n it ll be viewable again .. the prime motto to do so is to threaten the ISP’s so that all terms n conditions are met. There are issues which i cant discuss here .. so watever it is .. i support the move ..

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