Vloggers Meet Concludes…


Live Blogging the previously mentioned Vlogger Tinker Meet in Chennai. It was a fabulous experience.


4:30 PM: The Vlogger Meetup finally comes to an end. It’s been 6 hours of excellent interactive learning time. Nice networking with folks passionate about learnng. We may not have mastered the art of video blogging but we definitely made a positive step forward. That’s important. It’s a continuous learning journey and the joy is in the journey, not necessarily in the destination.

Everyone decided to meet up this coming Sunday at 10:00 AM for the third BlogCamp organizers meeting.

4:00 PM: The second batch of podcasting session takes place and the full cycle of recoding and editing is tried out. This session turned out to be very interesting. The minor details like, how to sound engineer the podcast with Audacity and other such software was explored. The gadget used for PodCasting is Gizmo (A skype like messenger which lets you record the conversation). Later after processing the adio file, it was uploaded on PodBazzar (A YouTube like interface for Audio files)

3:30 PM: A few of the folks started to move to Kiruba’s home, which was at the next block for a demostration of how he does podcasts. Since some of the folks still were finishing work on editing their videos, the first batch moved on to learning podcasting.

3:00 PM: There was a period of about 20 minutes when discussion started to turn towards the organizing of BlogCamp. Almost everyone stopped working started to pool in ideas towards the organizing bit and that was good to see the interest levels.

2:30 PM: Time’s running out and not everyone’s been able to finish the whole cycle of tasks. There clearly was a need for folks to get a better practice at Power Director, the video editing software. Still, some of the guys played around with it and dirty their hands. That really was the spirit of the show.

It was also a good opportunity for folks to throw questions and get answers from folks. A good session to get things clarified. We couldnt test of Vlogit since the Web Cam wasn’t functional. A good tool called Snagit was handy. Snagit is a screen capturing tool, with some good features. The sad part is Snagit is a shareware.

1:55 PM: Team A is almost done with their video. Another bunch of people have started uploading unedited videos to youtube, to get the hang of it. It seems to take too long, what with 23MB or so to upload. Direct x is also turning out to be a problem, the video editor we want to use requires dx 9, where as we only have dx 8. We are exploring ways to reduce the file uplaod size. We are also resonably familiar with power director 3.0 now, Ganesh has been doing a great job and the enthusiasm is reaching its saturation point. A simple way to reduce the size of the video is to use Windows Movie Maker and save the video by restricting its size. This however reduces the quality fo the video.

12:45PM: Now all of us have had some chance to either get recorded or record others. Ganesh is doing pretty neat stuff editing videos. With so many computers and cameras around, every one has got chance to try things. Folks are trying recording video from mobiles, digital cameras, super-imposing voice and placing text on recorded stuff. Btw there is plenty to eat and drink as well so Sunday afternoon is setting well.

12.00PM: The activities continue with the teams trying to race ahead of each other..its lots of fun with funny things happening.What else do you expect when you let loose a bunch of bloggers with a few cameras…hey Barkha and Shekar…watch out…here come the bloggers. P.S :you look funnier on camera than in real life.

11:30AM: Frenetic activity. The crowd has been split into 5 teams consisting of three folks each. The idea is to go ahead and make our own videos and finally meet up to share our experiences. There’s competitive spirit amongst the teams. It’s warming up nice.

10:00 AM: The crowd starts trickling in. People who attended the meet.

Kenndi – http://www.askenni.com
Sunil (who came along with his wife and daughter) – http://suneet.blogspot.com
Ganesh APP – http://gapp.wordpress.com
Kaushikram – http://chaosbudha.blogspot.com
Bhargav – http://tsunamispeaks.blogspot.com
Ramanujam – http://ramanujamp.blogspot.com
Hitesh Mehta – http://hiteshmehta.wordpress.com
Kummy – http://simpleblogsbyguru.blogspot.com
Aswin Anand – http://aswinanand.blogspot.com
Jaideep – http://jayselearn.blogspot.com
Mahendran – http://rajamahendran.blogspot.com
Kiruba – http://www.kiruba.com
Jammy – http://www.ouchmytoe.com
Rekha – http://rekhs.rediffblogs.com
Nandhu – http://phoenixflicks.blogspot.com

9:10AM: All comps are switched on. The reliable airtel broadband works like a charm. No wifi, though.

9:00 AM – Kenny is the first to drop. He thinks the place is too far and end up an hour early…which in a way turned up good. Kiruba got a chance to catch up with him after nearly two years.

8:15 AM: Office cleaning up and chair arrangement.


BlogCamp – Vlogger Meet

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  1. great post
    wonderful job
    thaNK YOU dear friend for everything

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