Fire Fox 2.0 Beta


Firefox lovers, one more reason for you to smile. Your favourite browser’s ver2.0 beta is going to be out soon. Mozilla is ready with version 2.0 of its much famed firefox browser and it has got some exciting features.

The things that you can expect from it are:

# Protection against phishing scams, using technology that  comes from Google.

# Improved RSS support.

# A new history option, with ‘open recently closed tabs’ feature.

# An inbuilt spell check that will work on all text fields.

Though the RSS integration is not great, yet it is far better than that available in firefox 1.5 ( the current stable version). The history menu, previously unavailable in ver1.5 seems to be a very welcome tool.  But the best of the package is the built in antiphishing tool that is being developed with the help of Google.

you can download it from mozilla’s FTP server, over here (please download the .exe file).

P.S here is a useful hack to enable your ver1.5 plugins to work with the ver2.0 beta. Type “about:config” in the address bar, right-click and create a New String. Call the new preference value “app.extensions.version” and give it the number (e.g., of the version you want extensions to think you’re using.When you install an extension, it will look to this preference value (if it exists) rather than your actual version number when it’s checking compatibility.

 Firefox Ver2.0 beta

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