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—Article by DeathRape Cron jobs are basically ways to tell a unix-based machine to perform certain tasks at certain times. Of course, there are several things this is useful for. For today’s example, which will be used to teach you the basics of what a cron job does, I will use the command: rm /home/deathrape/htdocs/*~ […]

Overview This tutorial will give a quick and easy, and hopefully fun intro to Flash animation with the new Flash Professional 8. It is for someone who has not even touched the surface of Flash. Terms to Know Frame – All I really want you to know for this tutorial is what a “frame” is […]

Author: Sky Ugh, who can be contacted at Note: That these methods can be used on most networks, but I am focusing mostly on Colleges/schools, so the article makes several assumptions because of this. For example, most public colleges have windows based networks, so the tactics discussed in this article will be more useful […]

Function Corruption is very closely related to XSS. The difference being in XSS, you inject your own JavaScript action, while in Function Corruption you inject new data for arguments of functions that already exist on the page. Function Corruption can very commonly used in a place that XSS if strictly filtered. First of all, we […]

This is a nice Google page where it explains how to make searching on Google a better experience – more efficient and more specific. It’s a list of all options available on Google search. technorati tags:bothack, google, web, search, features Blogged with Flock