Flock is the new kid on the browser block. It’s still in the Beta stage but there has been a steady development ever since the first beta version was released. Flock is a social networking oriented browser that is being developed based on Mozilla technologies. Quoting from the Wikipedia article on Flock:

The first technology preview released on June 22, 2006 had the following features:

  • Bookmarks, in addition to being saved offline, can be replaced with del.icio.us. When a bookmark (known as a favorite) is added, it is added to one’s del.icio.us account
  • Favorites can be tagged
  • A favorites and history are integrated into the favorites manager
  • Built-in full-text search using Clucene. Search as you type for pages in the cache
  • Flickr integration
  • Technorati tagging
  • Blogging tools
  • News aggregation
  • Drag-and-drop” capability and a clipboard like feature known as “The Shelf.”
  • Built-in spellcheck capability

Additional features in recent preview releases:

  • Private bookmarking is supported with the introduction of the ability to store bookmarks at Shadows.
  • A Yahoo! Maps
    topbar has been introduced. Addresses can be dragged into the topbar,
    whereupon they will be mapped by Yahoo! Maps. This feature has since
    been removed, to be re-introduced at a later date.
  • Uploading images to Photobucket is now supported.

This blog post has been published using the built-in blog editor in Flock. It allows you to write and publish blogs to different websites and even gives you the option of tagging your post and submits your posts to Technorati.

Most of the features of flock are available to Firefox users as extensions, so in that way it does not have a very great advantage over Firefox (for e.g. Performancing is a blog editor extension for Firefox). New extensions are being released which are Flock-specific and many Firefox extensions are avaiable for Flock too.

There are still some very obvious flaws with the browser that need to be ironed out. The next beta release is scheduled for September, 2006. Till then you can check out the features of the current version.


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