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URL Obfuscation


What is it? URL Obfuscation uses the unspoken, unwritten secrets of the TCP/IP protocol to trick users into viewing a website that they did not intend to visit. Methods: Typically, when obfuscating a URL, you must trick someone into viewing a website they did not want to view by tempting them with something they are […]

What we will accomplish today is to make our program email the ip of a remote computer when ever they logon to the net, which has lots of uses. Like in my remote keylogger which i will post soon. You will need: A smtp control get by (only like 6kbs). You will have to […]

Currently within 2 hours a set of popular ISPs in India have blocked access to, and domain. The list as of now is: Spectranet MTNL Airtel Sify Reliance Powersurfer / Infocom Exatt 7 Star Cable Service BSNL users however havent faced this problem yet. Its high time, people shift to wordpress and […]

Web hosts that offer special podcasting plans: Audioblog – offers plans for podcasters and video podcasters. BIPmedia – offers three levels of service, Starter, Standard and Professional BlastPodcast – a no-cost podcast hosting service that inserts audio adds automatically into podcasts. Publishers can earn revenue from the adds and receive free hosting. Blog Matrix – […]

Age of Empires II FAQ The most comprehensive FAQ I have ever seen for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and the Conquerors Expansion. It’s a one stop reference to all you’ve wanted to know about the gameplay and game information. Really helpful in deciding you strategy. Sure, this is pretty old news, but […]

Live Blogging the previously mentioned Vlogger Tinker Meet in Chennai. It was a fabulous experience. ——————- 4:30 PM: The Vlogger Meetup finally comes to an end. It’s been 6 hours of excellent interactive learning time. Nice networking with folks passionate about learnng. We may not have mastered the art of video blogging but we definitely […]

Emulator Zone has got a whole lot of links and downloads for probably every Videogame console that you’ve heard of. There are different emulators available for each console and they’ve all been reviewed and rated. I tried out the Gameboy Advance emulator, Visual Boy Advance. It’s very simple to install and use, and with excellent […]

Kiruba announces the Vloggers Tinker Meetup to be held tomorrow at Virugambakam, Chennai. This would be a good start to popularize the idea of Video Blogging in India. —————————————– Huh! What’s that? Vlogger as in Video Blogger Tinker as in dirtying your hands. Meetup as in getting together. Gotcha? It’s a bunch of folks who […]

Here‘s a nice article comparing Google Suggest with Yahoo! LiveSearch, and in turn analysing the psyche of the respective users. The rest of the blog is pretty interesting too. Got loads of info and runours related to Google, our favourite search engine 😀 Google OS Blog technorati tags:bothack, google, yahoo, suggest, livesearch, comparison, os, blog […]



This is the new kid on the block in the blogging world. Blogr is still in Alpha stage of development but it look pretty neat. It’s USP is that text blogs, podcasts and vlogs must be uploaded published with equal ease. Since blogging has evolved so much now and incorporates all of these features, this […]