Yahoo! Messenger 8 Beta


Yahoo! have brought out the Beta version for their popular IM Client, Yahoo! Messenger 8. There are minor changes in the interface but the main new feature this time is the introduction of Plug-ins to Yahoo! Messenger. You can get the Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in SDK here. A list of user-submitted Plug-ins can be found here. This is a great addition to Y! Messenger and it is in line with the continuing trend of different software developers providing SDKs for user customisation, probably the next best thing to open source software.

Some other new features provided as built-in plugins are access to random questions on Yahoo! Answers (giving only part of the question, tempting you to click on it and get redirected to their website) and updates on Yahoo! 360.

Yahoo! have been talking about a possible merging of MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger contacts, but that has not been implemented as of now.

Yahoo Messenger 8

Get Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in SDK here

Yahoo! Messenger Plug-ins gallery

Yahoo! Developer Network

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