Google Earth 4


Google has brought out the latest installment of one of it's more popular softwares – Google Earth.

The new version boasts of new features, including a new interface, textured 3D buildings, integration with Google Sketchup and a new way to share and implement user-generated terrain and locations. It has a larger viewing area with the navigation panel taking up less space hovering over the viewing area, and visible only when in use.
Google now encourages users to submit models and textures, as well as terrain and details using the available APIs for Google Earth and Google Sketchup.

More areas of the world are now displayed with higher resolution and Chennai/Tamil Nadu users will be delighted to know that they can finally zoom in better than before (I could spot my house! :-D)

The latest version works on Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
Google Earth has been much talked about ever since it's release and it only seems to be getting better, with more detail and features with each newer version.

Google Earth 4

Google Earth Home

Google Sketchup

6 Responses to “Google Earth 4”

  1. 1 varun

    u got the pro ver??

  2. try limewire

  3. 3 Joshua Davis

    And best of all it works with Linux.

  4. Yeah, it’s great that Google and many others are trying to make their softwares work on all platforms. It’s a good trend.

  5. Hi All Experts,
    Does anyone use google earth images as ground image planes for use in aerial scenes. I know how to stitch them together but are there any tools or tricks to make sure that the images are at the same height, angle and such to make sure they stitch well. I know in the pro version you can get bigger images but im not going to pay for the pro version when i could stitch multiple images together…

  6. Hi there! It’s hard to come by anything interesting on this topic (that is not overly simplistic), because everything related to 3D seems rather complicated. You however seem like you know what you’re talking about 🙂 Thank you for spending your time writing some relevant content for us!

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