This is a nice little program that'll be helpful for Java Applet Writers. It converts Java applets into Java Applications/ Windows executable. It's hassle free and easy to use, and allows applet writers to create ready-to-use Applications.


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4 Responses to “applet2app”

  1. 1 DangIt

    Wouldn’t (Javaish pseudocode) ….

    public static void main(int argc, String []argv)
    AppletClass AC = new AppletClass();

    …. do the same thing?

  2. 2 Author

    Yes it would. Infact applet2app is based on similar concept only. Actually when I started, applet2app was not in my mind at all. I created a small application called JarWrapper which would wrap a Java executable jar file in a native windows exe. Then I got several queries on how to wrap an applet inside an executable. I followed the manual approach and converted few of the applets to windows executable for few people. Then I thought of creating an application to do the same, an application which would create a standalone java application out of an applet without looking at its source. And with this idea, I came out with applet2app. I wont claim its innovative. Its just that its pretty simple to use. My ultimate idea is to enhance its functionality to act as an applet grabber from net. For eg, you browse the web, you like an applet and then you want to save it to your computer. You should be able to do this by a few point and clicks using applet2app. I admit its not there yet. But it will be. Apart from its core functionality, it also features a UI engine which provides lot of flexibility. I am planning to use it for my subsequent applications. In fact, I would be happy if anyone uses it too 🙂

    Raja Ranjan Senapati

  3. 3 Murugadoss.S

    hai nice 2 link u
    i want applet2app binary version
    send me pls
    thank u

  4. 4 Author

    You can download the binary version from following link.

    Raja Ranjan Senapati

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