Tezaa – Wisdom of many. – Poll Booth..


Tezaa, a new venture of Tenmiles corporation is a non profit online community driven by polls. Coined as the 'wisdom of many' the site features only polls. Still under development, the site deals with accumalating opinions and views of its members on a variety of topics ranging from the best operating system to use to the most suited colour for a MacBook, from the best political party to vote for to the the team most likely to win the world cup, from most entertaining movie genre to the most acute source for music and more.

Its basis of funtion is very simple, Users signup onto the community and are given the option to vote on polls and create polls of their own. It is easy to utilize and user friendly, the site itself is ordinary yet effective in its packaging. The site's foundation lies on an average man's love to counsel. The most advantageous feature about the site is that the polls are created by Users themselves and not  by the Admin but this is also the main drawback as the site tends to feature certain polls which are insipid and baseless perhaps they should employ moderation to polls that are being accomodated.

The site might not have the highest utility value and with only 185 members so far it isn't the most eminent but to a regular net nomad the site is useful to spend a small interval of time on. And to those who have decisions to make and choices to pick from, if you are the sort to resort to advice and base decisions on public opinion then this is a site to refer. TEZAA – is a polling booth for the interested and can dish out a hiatus for recreation to all.

2 Responses to “Tezaa – Wisdom of many. – Poll Booth..”

  1. 1 Narutofan

    Another site that’s similar is Pollgenius.com – http://www.pollgenius.com.

  2. @Narutofan:
    Thanx for sharing 🙂

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