This is a great site! A treat for music lovers around the world. It is an online community site for everyone who loves to listen to music (who doesn't?). attempts to record the listening habits of whoever prefers to enrol, compares music tastes of a large number of people and recommends tracks which suit to each person's taste. It provides extensive statistics for each user and suggest music from a variety of bands that sounds similar to the kind played by your favourite bands.


First you need to register and download a plugin called Audioscrobbler for your preferred  media player. It keeps track of the songs that you listen to and when connected to the internet, transfers the data to your profile. Once the user has listened to a good number of songs, charts are created and other users who have similar music tastes are listed as your "neighbours".


You can also download the radio player which will play songs that it thinks are similar to a band that you specify. This is an excellent feature and lets you discover new previously unheard bands and tracks. Though I sometimes felt that the music was not all that similar, it still got me some great finds. 


There are other features like journals where you can write entries about songs or music in general, tags for songs, groups for users with common interests and other community oriented features. there is also information posted about bands and songs, as well as related statistics. even provides you with html code that you can insert into your website/blog which displays you most recently heard tracks or your overall favourites.


It's a very interesting concept that has a lot of potential and you can spend hours going through the site, having a lot of fun in the process and expanding your playlist. 

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