BotHack presents – The Desi MakeShift…


Inspired by certain recent events endured by one of its editors, BotHack gives you the Desi counterpart of the Makeshift Challenge.

The Scenario: You, Hari and Ramesh set out on an unplanned, spontaneous adventure through the villages of south India. You rent a taxi and are enjoying your trip, halfway through in between two villages amidst a settlement in a forest the qualis (taxi) comes to a halt as it runs out of gas. The forest dwellers speak a language unknown to the outside world and communication with them is close to impossible. Your only mode of communication is a cellphone which has no charge and the nearest village with facilities is 60km away. Whilst Ramesh and you ponder over the problem, Hari dawns on an idea and grabs the cell phone.

The Challenge: Create a makeshift solution to get the three of you to  the nearest village. The car is fully functional but has no gas and you are carrying certain basic items, but that's it. Make a few assumptions, good luck!

Supply List: Mobile Phone, low on battery. White qualis with tools.3 Water cans with 5lts of water.3 Torch lights whose batteries are going to die out. 2 Cameras with dead cells. Some money, some wires and a tester, a multimeter, a broken phone charger, ropes/threads.

Send a detailed description of your MakeShift solution with sketches and/or photos to by July 1, 2006.

Winners from India will receive Stanley Kubrick DVDs and BotHack T Shirts. Other winners have a chance to win a 2GB BotHack email account. All winners will be feartured in the upcoming BotHack hall of fame.

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