Hacking WordPress


Get Your Feet Wet with WordPress is a detailed autopsy of wordpress and how to just do about anything with wordpress.

The topics covered are:

  • How to install new templates (“themes”) or make your own
  • How all the various template files fit together
  • How to navigate the PHP code that pulls in content (even if you don’t know much about PHP)
  • Where to find WordPress plug-ins

It makes for an interesting read and teaches you a lot of stuff about WP. Do check it out! Does anyone know of a hosting company where one can host WP for free?
This tutorial assumes that you know how to use FTP, you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, and looking at a little PHP code won’t scare you away.

4 Responses to “Hacking WordPress”

  1. 1 Marc

    The web hosting company that I use is called DreamHost and they have a one-click install for WordPress (and a number of other things like Joomla, MediaWiki, Gallery, etc.). It is $10/month, but I’ve made enough with their affiliate program to pay for the web and make a significant income. So it’s even better than free! 🙂

  2. @Marc:
    Thanx for the info 😀 Will check it out. So you make more than 10 dollars and get a free hosting… cool.

  3. 3 tawing

    info thanx

  4. hey ! The link to the “detailed autopsy of wordpress” is broken…

    Hope to read it soon…

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