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wikiHow is a website started by parent website eHow – a “How To” website. They’ve got articles on How To do anything under the sun. And if you don’t find something there that you know how to do, then just write your own article! wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world’s largest […]

Sobha Menon of the Economic Times has written a good article on how Design of a blog is as important as the content. Some of my opinions have also been quoted in her article. Some one truly said that a blog’s design and content are like the length and breadth of a rectangle. One without […]



  Hockneyizer is a nice little tool to convert a photo into a collage of smaller photos giving it a stylish effect.   Hockneyizer: Create a simulated collage from a single photograph Create a unique "collage" from a single photograph. Choose one of two styles: a "joiner" style image without frames or an image created […] call themselves a "Calendar of Updates Forum". An extremely useful website, you can keep track of all the latest softwares, their bugs and patches. The most useful feature of their website is the Calendar of Updates, which features quite a large number of softwares. It is of great use, especially for those with a […]

Yahoo! have brought out the Beta version for their popular IM Client, Yahoo! Messenger 8. There are minor changes in the interface but the main new feature this time is the introduction of Plug-ins to Yahoo! Messenger. You can get the Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in SDK here. A list of user-submitted Plug-ins can be found here. […]

Orkut warns


The Scrapbook’s in Orkut now have a warning flashed over the top. This is a step taken by Orkut to reduce spam as well as virus attacks on users of Orkut. The warning reads: Warning: Please be careful when clicking on unfamiliar links in scraps or other parts of this site that navigate away from […]

Yahoo messenger seem to be malfunctioning today. Many people all over the world have reported error messages while trying to log on. Restarting the computer or trying to reconnect doesnt work. This probably indicates that the Yahoo messenger server is conked out. People who are logged in already, don’t seem to have a problem. I […]

Google Earth 4


Google has brought out the latest installment of one of it's more popular softwares – Google Earth. The new version boasts of new features, including a new interface, textured 3D buildings, integration with Google Sketchup and a new way to share and implement user-generated terrain and locations. It has a larger viewing area with the […]



This is a nice little program that'll be helpful for Java Applet Writers. It converts Java applets into Java Applications/ Windows executable. It's hassle free and easy to use, and allows applet writers to create ready-to-use Applications. applet2app Click here to get the latest Java Runtime Environment and Java Developer's Kit

Hacking Orkut


Orkut a very famous social networking site has an option called scrapbook. Now for those people who scrap many times a minute, here is a hack: If you are using firefox, Install this script (addon) and it will allow you to scrap back just in one click rather than the traditional 2 step + 1 […]