Shaastra ’06


shaastra logoShaastra 2006, this years edition of the IIT-M – technical festival is cooking already.  Like the previously mentioned Techfest ’06 (IIT-B) and Techkriti ’06 (IIT-K), Shaastra is the Chennai version of the Geek’s hang out.

Shaastra is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. True to its name, Shaastra (signifying ‘science’) is a celebration of science and technology; a confluence of minds and a melting pot of diverse disciplines. It affords the chance to unleash the engineer and scientist within us, providing glimpses of the elegance and scope of technology.

Spread over five days, starting October 4th 2006, Shaastra is the first student managed event to be awarded an ISO 9001:2000 in the world. True to that, when compared to IIT-B’s Techfest ’06 and IIT-K’s Thechkrit ’06, Shaastra ’05 was very well organized with a few glitches, of course. Over 100 students were made to stand in blazing sun all cramped up, for a few hours during the registrations for the event Rocketry. Same goes for Project –x too.

But the Co-ords can hardly be blamed for that. Rocketry and Project-X are the major crowd pullers at Shaastra. Giving the students a freehand on creativity, but strangling it with a bar on number of registrants (only about 80), makes the registration desk a war zone, people pushing each other, sly tactics on how to jump the line and it get unruly too.

Apart from these two events there are the commons: Robotics, Contraption, Lonewolf, Main quiz, programming, design events etc. There are a lot of new events for both techies and non-techies alike and this year Shaastra promises to be mega fun. For people who cant make it to Chennai on those days, don’t lose heart cause there is always the online events where you can take part (Online quiz, puzzles, math problems). Many on the spot events have also been planned.

The Shaastra 2006 Events team has come up with this truly wonderful promo video for Shaastra. See it for yourself at :

If you wish to download a copy, you can do so at:

You can also find a ‘cheat sheet’ of the stuff in the video that is not too obvious at the second link.

BotHack will try to live blog Shaastra ’06. More on Shaastra soon.

Shaastra 2005 (Last Year’s website)

6 Responses to “Shaastra ’06”

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    and the site is same for shaastra 2006 as well..

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  3. 3 vamsi

    hi i want to know how to attend the workshop i heard tht there is registration forms so pls reply as early as possible

  4. Hey Vamsi,
    Go to and there go to the events page. All info is available there. 🙂

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